Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Social Media High Tech Beggar

A Social Media High Tech Beggar  - The drama of running Puffy Paws is unbelievable. All we are doing is taking care of Special Needs & Unwanted kitties that would have been destroyed at a typical shelter.

We are not rich people. The kitties lives depend  upon the kindness of kitty lovers through out the World. This message hurts. I’m doing everything I can do to try to be self supported through our other endeavors but we need help and we thank God for people who understand. This is the message I just got from our contact page on our Web site.

Since she did not leave any contact information, my reply follows hers.

She wrote:

“ I am on your Facebook entry and would like to be removed. I CANNOT
 abide your begging every day for money! Please remove me immediately.
 Thank you,”

My responses If you are on our facebook and wish to be removed. I have no control to do that. You must read the facebook FAQ and find out how to do this.

If you are on our email list their is a unsubscribe button at the button of the page.
Just click on it and you will be removed. I’m sorry you feel this way in how we raise funds to take care of the unwanted  & Special Need kitties under our care.

We do not get paid and  folks who donate their hard earn donation dollars are spent on the kitties care and the operation of Puffy Paws. We have been able to do what we do for the kitties only by asking for help. Because of kitty lovers through out the World the kitties at Puffy Paws are safe and alive.

Please check out the video that was in the NEW YORK POST ,below to be understand what we do.

PS:  I will never stop “Begging” for money when it comes to the kitties. You may call me “ A Social Media High Tech Beggar ” if you would like.

Rick Kingston


  1. Some people have no soul. :( Keep up the good work, you have my (and my 4 cats') support!

  2. Rick, be proud of the label! This person, and others like her, have no idea what the few go through to compensate for the sins of abuse and neglect of the many.

    I am just learning about Puffy Paws now. Are all the cats spayed/neutered?


  3. Yes, of course they are 'fixed' Sheila. Puffy Paws isn't about breeding when there are plenty of cats (and dogs) available already who need homes. Puffy Paws might not NEED to exist IF everyone was responsible and took care of their animals - to get them spayed/neutered AND to keep them safe inside their home.

    To that 'person' who doesn't get it "SEE YA!"

  4. Loving Care Animal Hospital does all of all spay & neuters at cost.If it was not for them we will not be able to do what we do :)

    Rick From Puffy Paws

  5. I didn't want to assume anything. Even with sterilization at cost, that is a huge amount. I know because I do TNR and also take in as many as I can, but not nearly like you do. I wish I could help financially, but we are just getting by as is. The cats all look wonderfully healthy, happy and content! You guys are truly amazing! xxxx

  6. No problem. If you ever want to know anything just ask on fb. I will be glad to answer. Keep us in your thoughts and prays and share on fb and were you can and pass our plight along to others.

    Thank You
    Rick Kingston

  7. I have taken in many throw-away kitties (not nearly as many as you guys). Right now I am at the limit of how many I can care for on my own. Most would have died had I not taken them in and I don't regret it for a minute. Keep up the good work and keep asking for donations. If you don't get the word out how will the kind souls who can help know about you.

  8. What a moron that woman is...nobody forced her to follow you here or on Facebook.