Thursday, December 16, 2010

Festivus - " Airing of Grievances"

Have you ever got overwhelmed that you do not know were to start ? Well I feel that way these days. Frustrated that I can not do more than I do on a daily basics for the kitties.

The Thrift Shop is taking so much of my time these days. It's all good but when it comes to the end of the day I'm exhausted. In order to have a good day at the Shop everything must come out in the dollar bins. That takes around a hour plus. Than everything must come back in at night.

I'm getting depressed because we are in need of used computers so we may start live streaming the kitties, start production of our "Reality TV Show", put items on ebay, etc....

All of this is crucial in raising funds and awareness about the kitties. Our survival in 2011 depends upon taking Puffy Paws to the next level.

It's sad in 2010 that we reached out to many national talk shows and National media outlets to no avail. It seems the media is more incline to report who Kim Kardashian and her sisters ,are sleeping with and what they are wearing these days than the kitties.

Locally lots of folks complain that they are employed and can not find a job.

I tell them I have a job  for you but it  is on commission, raising funds over the phones and you can start ASAP.

They can either ask for donations from residential homes or sell full color business cards to business.

But as soon as the hear the commission word they would rather sit around and do nothing than work the phones and raise the kitties money and get a paycheck while doing it.

I was a professional telemarketer fund raiser and worked on commission for years.

I have the skills and training to run a great phone room but with no people we are dead in the water.

We have raised thousands of dollars over the phones though out the years but the phones do not raise funds by them selves we need people who are willing to take a chance and work on commission by selling full color business cards or asking for donations.

We need help in many areas other than at the Haven but people come and go around us. It always end up back to Chrissy and I doing the work.

The strength to continue on is hard. Chrissy is tried and so am I. But everyday we do it.
God leads us when we are weary.

We are thankful for all the support World wide. With out you all we can not do what we do.

The daily struggle is hard. We gave up our lives to take care of these kitties that no one wanted.

We see other animal groups hide behind lies and deceit locally. Enjoying the full support of the Community we live in.

I do not understand it at all. High kill shelters and other groups which very little is spent on the handful of animals under their care.

I have all the facts and figures to back up these statements but no one cares because of their PR machines that the local media supports by putting out fluff stories on a regular basics.

For us because of  standing up for what is right and ethical we are almost blacklisted with the powers to be because its who you know in this town.

Why is it that the backbone of Puffy Paws is harden criminals from the courts doing Community Service ?
It's funny when I say our  " Thrift Shop Is a Daycare For Felons".

These folks help the kitties more than the good righteous so called animal rescuers in the area.

Our felons never spread hurtful gossip and rumors but the good small minded folks in this Community do.
It's amazing the false stories I hear and where it comes from.

Fact is that these folks are quick to tell a false tale and when you confront them on it they get a tight upper lip.It is amazing to watch them squirm and back track on their fables

We have put back hundreds of thousands of dollars in the local community alone since 1997  and these stores we spend your hard earned donations dollars treat us like gum on their shoes.

Can you tell me why the the GM of the Englewood Walmart never once has said "Hello" to me in two years and we make eyes contact everyday while he passes our Thrift Shop. We have spent well over 75.000 dollars in his store I tell you why " He does not care" ! That is plain and simple as it gets.

O yeah  ! This is the same guy who  gave us the boot from the broken bag program . For years we used to get all the broken bags of cat litter and cat food and than he decided to give it all to Sun Coast Humane Society and this is the same guy who refused to keep our cat food in stock. Silly me ! Why would I think he would care.

Everyone tells me "Rick Shut Your Mouth" in the way this small town of Englewood operates.

We take care of the most cats in a no-kill environment. We do not get paid.

Believe you me I'm not their favorite son cause I stand up for myself and what is right.

Does any one remember Underground TV ? A little TV show I used to produced.
That reached over 250,000 homes in Upstate NY back in the early Nineties.

We now have all new video cameras and equipment and we need volunteers for production and a computer for editing. 

I promise to shut my mouth for now but when the cameras are rolling the truth will be known and the World is mine and the kitties stage.

Thank for listening.


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