Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Mad Kitty Love To You All.....$1497.80 Was Paid Out On Friday Feb 1, 2013 !!!

On Friday  morning I did not know what I was going to do. Faith & Baby Steps and it turned out better than I could ever plan. Faith & Hope.
Locked out, shut off and cancelled was what was going to happen. A Surprise Check Came In The Mail from The Untied Way in CA, and With The Cathouse Gang donating on-line, look at what the kitty lovers of the world did !!!
We are speechless. Thank you ever so much. All paid..
# Kitties Daily Needs - $275
# Thrift Shop For January - $495
# Florida Power & Lights - Final Notice - $572
# Metro Cell Phone Bill - 2 Lines -$91 Per Month.
Due The Last Day of The Month
# Auto Insurance (2 Vehicles ) $64.80 Per Month
Due The 3rd of The Month
Mad Kitty Love To You All !!

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