Monday, August 6, 2012

REALLY ??????

REALLY ?????? Chrisy and I have been rescuing kitties since 1997. Just after we got married. Before going non -profit in 2006. Chrissy and I supported up to 70 kitties for years on our own dime.

One year we spent $22,000 on Vet care alone. What gets the kitties is that these local rescues have less animal than what we took care of on our own for years.

In those years we have spent over $150,000 not asking for help but freely giving to unwanted kitties.

In 2006, we rescued 30 cats that where doomed to die at a cat shelter that got shut down.

When the cost was reaching over $30 ,000 a year out of our pocket we decided that since we were rescuing the communities kitties that the community should step up to the plate and help.

So we went non-profit.

Now the unwanted kitties under are care are supported by the kitty lover through out the World.

Sad to say -Englewood never stepped up to the plate and the good old boy network did everything to shut us down becasue money ,power and prestige was involved, so they thought.

Mad Kitty Love goes out to all you wonderful supporters world wide.

Without you -we are nothing !!

Rick & Chrissy & Da Kitties

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