Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sometimes I need to beat our own drum !!!!!!

Rick’s Rants - When you do the right thing. When you live from your heart. When you share the good times and the bad times. When you put the kitties needs first. When you talk the talk and walk the walk. The whole world notices.
Here is why !!!!!

Puffy Paws has over 6000 sq feet for our total operation, at two separate locations.
We have two brick and mortar building for the kitties. AKA -The World's Greatest Cat House.

We have the 2000 sq foot " Haven Home " which has our healthy adoptable kitties, and our permanent residence who have physical, emotional and behavioral problems.

Our 2nd building is 800 sq foot and it is solely use for the kitties with feline leukemia, which we have nick named " The Kitty Angel Club " because all the precious fur-babies are living angels who are living out their lives.

We have a 350 sq feet Outdoor Enclosure, The Purrfect fence.

We have the Donation And Storage Center - AKA - The Thrift Shop AKA - Englewood's Strangest Store. Inside & Out = 3200 sq

We never have to raise funds for salaries or high administrative cost in the name of animals.

We do not get paid !!! We do not have to entice folks to donate by throwing fancy parties, events, golf tournaments, wine tasting contest or the such.

You won't get your picture in the newspaper or in the high society column, or a sumptuous meal and a cocktail hour!!!!

When you donate .What you get is a warm fuzzy knowing you are directly responsible for saving the lives of the special need and unwanted kitties.

Your donation dollars go to the kitties daily needs

Their Vet Care

And the operation expenses of running Puffy Paws Kitty Haven.

Enough Said !!!!!!!!!!!!

PS: You all knew this anyway !!!!! MOL
I just could not be bad.
I just pointed out all the good we do.
Back up by facts…
Sometimes I need to beat our own drum !!!!!!


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