Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Crazy Catman ??????

I'm a good man !!! I’m the defender of the unwanted. With and with out fur. Why does everyone in this little Town of ours thinks that I'm The Crazy Catman ??????  In this Town many folks know me , they either love me or hate me ?????

I have put all my skills together to run Puffy Paws Kitty Haven.
I'm still a sharp - tongue talking, 10th Ward Yankee, that has stood up against anyone who has tried to harm the kitties and my family.

I’m not a door mat . I have expose corruption , cronyism.
I’m the voice of those who can not speak for themselves.

I have kept half of the criminals in Englewood out of jail and prison by staying open late at the Thrift Shop so they can do their Community Service hours.

I may be a bastard at times but I’m not a cheap bastard.
I have helped many people in the Community that were down and out.

Maybe I’m crazy but you have to be, to do what I’m doing with my life in saving the unwanted kitties and helping the undesirables folks of the community !!!!

Who the hell I’m to judge !!!!!
That’s the good citizen of the Community to do that !!!!!!

If you need to call me the crazy catman go ahead -

Stick and Stones  - Baby !!!!!

What counts is how I live my life !!!!!!

And the proof is in the pudding.

I talk the talk and walk the walk !!!!!

Do you ?????????????

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