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Their Should Be 29 Hours In A Day !

Their Should Be 29 Hours In A Day !

I just received this email and I wanted to respond and explain our situation. I hope I I covered it all !

You wrote !

“ I know you said that you weren't in a position to do big fundraisers, but what about a yard sale at your house or outside Puffy Paws or something? I've seen where alot of animal shelters, rescues, etc have done yard sales & they have been successful. I don't see why you couldn't do that. I just checked & I see that your eBay store is still empty. I don't see where you've done a chip in either. You beg for money all the time, but you don't seem to be doing anything to help yourselves. If you'd show people that you are helping yourselves, then more people would be willing to help you. I can't wait to see if you address this in the next email that you send out. “

My responses is:

I'm not sure if you are aware of the fact.

My job is to raise the $250 dollars a day to take care of the kitties daily needs, plus the operating expensive, every single day.

On most days I work up to 15-20 hours a day to accomplish this.

I run the Thrift Shop. I raise funds on-line. I take care of the Media. I run to the Vet. I'm our Web Master. I do all the graphic art work. I update on fb everyday. I pick up the kitties daily supplies in the evening. I pay the bills. I pick up donations for Thrift Shop. I put out the SOS's for help. I put out all the fires that pop out daily. I'm my wife's venting post. I'm the fixer.

Now my wife works harder than me…

My wife takes care of the 230 kitties.

She works up to 18  hours day because Sarasota Code Enforcement banned all traffic at the Haven.

Chrissy hauls in 660 pounds of cat litter around the Haven daily & takes in back out. She washes over 20 cat litter boxes daily. Every four hours she puts out the wet cat food at 10 feeding stations, She vacuum & mops and dust daily. She gives out meds. She brushes the kitties. She tends to the sick ones. She runs to the Vet and the store for supplies too. She does this day in and day out. She does the work of a paid staff of 10.

Check out the story to see why she has to do it alone.

Yard Sales are great but we have one better ! It's called our Thrift Shop......

We are know as Englewood's Strangest Store

Here are some great pictures of the Shop inside and out….

So as you can see we have enough stock to put on line.

I spent a good portion of the day today, watching eBay videos so we can do it right…..

Joe is with me right now so we can work some more on getting things going on this….

I will not list, and take people money unless I’m 100% sure of what I’m doing……

Now we are trying to find the time to put the stuff at the kitties Thrift Shop on-line.

And do it right…..

And its only after midnight and we are still working at the Thrift Shop  and I only have been going since 5am this morning.

I only spend over 15 -20  hours of my day at the Thrift Shop with limited help from the community.

Here is a letter to the editor that was published last month begging this Community for help and the only help we get is from the Court order Community Service Personal .



My wife and I are only two people running Englewood, Florida's "World's Gr...eatest Cathouse." Puffy Paws Kitty Haven is a 501(c) (3) non-profit, no-kill cat hospice & rescue specializing in providing quality a...n...d loving care to special needs cats; we have 100 adoptable kitties that need homes.

Our current help consists of a few volunteers and the court ordered Community Service Personnel. These people are folks who got into trouble and are trying to pay their debts to society.

We have been begging this community for help for years with adoptions , PR, and fund-raising events.

We finally have a handful of volunteers who put on a monthly adoption event but that is not enough; we need more people.

While the Humane Society and other rescue groups in the area enjoy paid employees and a host of volunteers, we do not.

We do not get paid; 100% of all donation goes to the kitties and the operating expenses. Are books are open to the public.

Last year I raised $95,000 by myself, just by asking for help and $46,000 of that came from kitty lovers from around the world donating through Paypal.

The very sad reality is that the only ones who suffered were the community cats that we could not help because we could not take them in and find homes.

You can change all of this by volunteering your time.
For more information call 941-623-8904 or go to our website.

Rick Kingston
Puffy Paws Kitty Haven


If you like to volunteer you can from the comfort of your home..

Check out our on-line project data base….


Do you need a set of business cards ? I’m a graphic artist  and I  have put in hours of work ,designing each card. That’s how we were able to support he kitties before we went non-profit with 70 cats under our care at the time.

When I can I go business to business looking for new customer ,if someone is watching the Shop.


Here is a solution you can help us with by spreading the word on-line….

We’d like to invite you to join our Monthly Pledge of Love program…a unique opportunity to make an ongoing monthly commitment to the kitties at Puffy Paws Kitty Haven. Our goal is to seek 2500 new kitty lovers who like to donate on a monthly credit card subscription basics of starting at $10 a month.

Your monthly donations will give us enough funds to take care of the kitties and working monthly capital to properly fund the entire operation at Puffy Paws and put much needed funds in reserves to guarantee the success of Puffy Paws  Kitty Haven future.    The kitties thank you from the bottom of their little hearts.


When I have time when someone is watching the Thrift Shop.  I’m cruising neighborhoods locally looking for junk and unwanted cars.

We supported the kitties in the summer of 2009 on junk cars alone .

So if you have a car to donate we will take it and have it picked up were you live…
Because we have to send off the final paper work for a national pick up program..
So that will be ready soon….


Need a job. I’m also a professional telemarketing . We supported the kitties this way through 2006 -2009.

You can work from home also….


How about buying a T - Shirt showing your support for Puffy Paws..


I can go on and on ……

The bottom line is this…. it about about time and not having enough hours in the day......

My wife and I are only two people doing the job of 25.

The kitties are alive cause I beg.

We need help from volunteer any where in the World -  so I will not have to beg !

But until we get the help we need…

" I will beg for the kitties till the day I die so they will be alive and taken care of…."

Please go to our front page of our Web site and facebook page ( See Above ) for  more information that you need or please call me at 941-623-8904

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