Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Yesterday I had a gentleman who used to run a Habit for Humanity Store. He saw our many ads on craigslist. He wants to get in the Thrift Shop business for himself  and came down to see our operation and was totally amazed in how we operate, in regards we have to take a donation for each item ,instead of out right selling it.

He could not believe we are actually doing  it all for the kitties and that the funds went to the kitties daily needs and instead of the funds going in our pockets in the name of a salary,  like most nonprofits, he sees out their.

He said we had the best location being 50 yards from the Englewood's Walmart
front door.

Sometimes I can not see how good we have it and it was nice and refreshing to get mad props form a total stranger who worked in the business.

Even tho the Thrift Shop does not do as well as we want on some days If we did not have it , we would have been closed down almost two years ago because of lack of funds.

I'm trying to get the kinks out of Mission Fish so we can sell on eBay.We are having problems logging in.

The future is bright as long as we pay the current bills.

Today I will be working in the office as Ken will be running the Shop with Community Service Personal help.

We have a Van load of stuff to be process and more to be picked up.

Today I'm grateful and fearful at the same time.

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