Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Thrift Shop is like a bad Co-dependent ex-girlfriend.

Sorry for not posting this weekend. The Thrift Shop is like a bad Co-dependent ex-girlfriend always requiring constant attention and care. Once again the Court Order Community Service guys busted their asses and got the job done.

Special thanks goes out to Ken, Gino , Rasha, and Joe. The inside joke is Puffy Paws Thrift Shop is realy ...a daycare for felons.

I have a special bond with the CSP. I decided to clean up my life 27 years ago when I put down the drink. I been where they have been. They respect me for this. I truly care and I try to help them ,maybe that's why the come back and help out when their service is done.

A Big Shout out goes out to Richie our Puffy Paws truck hauler.

The Book Sale is over and over 1 ton of books were hauled away.

The loft is getting full of great quality donated items for the tables. We picked up van load after van load of stuff this weekend and we processed the Rummage Sales leftovers from last week.

Wow what a weekend. Also I spent all night on Friday and Saturday hunting down the kitties wet food until the wee hours of the morning and we spent well over $100 in gas and the extra cost of buying it else were. AHHH !

This week I have Ken B watching the Thrift Shop while I round up some more business with the Printing Division and junk cars.

Also the first segments of the TV Show will be in the taped, so stay tuned.
We will be Live Streaming Through out the week.

And getting ready for the adoption events. Big week ahead ahead of us.....

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