Sunday, November 14, 2010

Paws Prints In The Heart

Being a Cat Hospice it is always hard when one of our kitties is called to cross over the Rainbow Bridge.

Tears are shed. Emotions run high. Their little souls leave their bodies and when you look at their body that once contain them your realize that they are gone forever from this planet.

They may be gone from this planet but these special kitties that we all called our children with fur ,will always live in our hearts forever.

Their love remands in our hearts so we may share it on to the next kitty that comes into our care.

Bummpey was a kitten that was born at the house with his mother coming in pregnant. He was a sick little kitten and fought all odds to hang on to life that he so much enjoyed.

He was with us for years being taken to the Vet regularly. Thousands was spent on him and he lived for another 6 years.

One day he fell ill.After everything thing that was done medically possible to save him. I kissed him and told him it was OK to let go, and told him we love you and go be with our brother and sisters over the Rainbow bridge.

I left the room to go outside. As I was outside, a shooting star fell from the sky. That moment I knew Bumppey pasted away.

Latter on I had to wash my little Bumppey to prepare him for burial. He was limp in my hands and tears were flowing. We buried him with his favorite blanket and toys.

Our little Bumpster crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Tears still fill my eyes when I think of him and all that past before and after him, till this day.

It’s never easy. The joy they bring us in life is always meet with sorrow it death.

There is no easy words for those of you who lost your best friend.

If you want to see your beloved pet look into your heart and you will find their paw print of love which will always be their until you meet again over the Rainbow Bridge.

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  1. That's really beautiful. I teared up reading this :(