Friday, February 10, 2012

Show some Mad Kitty Love for the kitties Motley Crue of helpers !!!

Show some Mad Kitty Love for the kitties Motley Crue of helpers !!!

We have Cathrine who is the kitties On-line Queen !!! Cathrine bust her butt everyday for the kitties and for this we are so lucky to have her in the kitties corner !!
Denise is the bomb !!!!! She always thinking of the kitties and always telling me to straighten up my old man bad habit ways !!!!

We have Lynne ,who is on the board. She is the Vice President. Lynne is my official daily sounding board. Lynne is a greater listener when times ...get tough or I need to run a idea by her. She tells me like it is !!!!!!!

We have Ken. Ken has been with us for over two years now and is one of my best friends. He has busted his butt for the kitties at the Thrift Shop over the years and his insight and hard work has made the Shop what it is today.

We have Uncle Eddie who is the kitties official Handyman. He is staining the Feline Leukemia room and boy is it looking good !!!

We have Autumn and boy is she full of piss and vinegar. Not only does she look good she can kick the crap out of all the Community Service Personal guys and has more knowledge about construction and home improvement than most guys I know.

Than we have Tommy and his Dad who are our official backyard mechanics . They are keeping the three vehicles we have in tip top shape !!!

Than we have Bobby Tony. He is a great worker. 12 hours shift are normal for him and this guy can put away some food. We have to keep him away from the kitty food when we see him with a bottle of ketchup in his hands.

Than we have Loving Care Animal Hospital who makes sure the kitties are in tip -top shape.

Than we have KC. Now KC is KC. We are not sure what he does besides being a pretty boy for a thugs life. His bad boy looks and slacker ways always made it a special day at the Thrift Shop. PS: KC does spend a lot of money at the Thrift Shop.
The kitties always love getting into his wallet.

For all these folks hard work the kitties are so grateful !!!!!

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