Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year - Mad Kitty Mob Love

Mad Kitty Mob Love - As you may know I do not get spend a lot of time with the kitties but that will be changing this year. We are making a second office at the Haven, so I can get my night time work done at home with the kitties and Chrissy, Instead of at the Thrift Shop office at night.

Last night I hung out at the Haven and with all my trails and tribulation of running Puffy Paws it was all... worth it getting mad kitty mob love from the little fur babies. Head bumps, love bites , hinny rubs were all in order !!!!!

Locally I'm a very misunderstood man in what I do for the unwanted kitties .In my heart the kitties all know what I do for them.

Last night was such a beatifull night it calmed all the turmoil in my soul..... I’m truly blessed and thank you for giving the kitties and Chrissy a life like no other.

There are many changes coming up in 2012 and you will see it all !!!!

Happy New Year and God bless !!!!!!

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